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We took 10 years of experience in the PEMF industry and hundreds of devices and made the ultimate one.

Easy To Use

We have taken the confusion away from PEMF with our easy to use device with preset programs for certain times of day.


Never be restricted to where you can use PEMF again. Use our carry bags to take CELLER8 anywhere and everywhere!


Unlike most home-use PEMF devices, CELLER8 offers high intensities to penetrate deep into the body and help you get results quicker.

2 In 1 Package

Combining the CELLER8 with one of our mats creates the ultimate all in 1 PEMF package for full-body and localized application.

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  • Free Worldwide Shipping

  • Long Warranty

  • Made In The UK

  • Free Worldwide Shipping

  • Long Warranty

  • Made In The UK

Use CELLER8 Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike most PEMF devices, CELLER8 features a rechargeable battery, ensuring you're never restricted in where and when you can enjoy your PEMF session.

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Why PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields work by emitting electromagnetic fields at different speeds that then interact with your body's natural processes to create the perfect environment to heal. The emitted frequencies also influence brainwave states, making relaxation, meditation, and sleep more easily accessible.

  • Pain Relief

    Heal the source of pain and start living pain free 

  • Total Relaxation

    Enter a deeper state of mind 

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Naturally reduce inflammation 

  • Improve Energy Levels

    Recharge your internal batteries at a cellular level

  • Improve Sleep

    Fall asleep faster and unlock deep sleep

  • Health & Wellness

    Improve your overall health and wellness

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Backed By Industry Leaders, Used By Health Optimizers

PEMF is loved by millions worldwide for it's wide range of benefits on the body down to a cellular level.


To create the perfect environment within your body to heal start using CELLER8 today!

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