General FAQs

Can the CELLER8 and mats be used all over the world? 

The CELLER8 device is the perfect travel companion and designed to be used globally. Therefore, it will be provided with everything needed to do this. Carry cases for both the full body mat and controller, US/ EU and UK adapters for the plug and a multi-voltage (100-240V) power lead are all included as standard with the full body package. We also stock AU adapters, but these do not come as standard. Please make us aware of this at the time of purchase if you require an AU adapter. 

Why did we choose the SQUARE wave only?

We could have added multiple waveforms but we committed to only one waveform with the CELLER8, in our attempt to keep this device simple and as effective as it can be the first time around, without adding new elements of confusion for the user. We chose the square wave due to customer feedback and results from years of selling PEMF devices and which waveform we felt was most effective and prompted the quickest results. As well as our own research we committed to the square wave due to the years of previous research and scientific studies using this specific waveform including the studies completed by NASA, who also use a square waveform with great effect. *Thomas J. Goodwin, Lyndon B. Johnson, Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells, NASA, 2003. 

Is the voltage 110V or 240V with the power lead provided? 

The CELLER8 device was designed to be used globally, therefore as well as the adapters provided (UK/ US & EU), the power cable supplied with the CELLER8 is multi voltage. It will take any inputs from 100-240V and supply the desired 50-60Hz depending on the input. All of these parts come as standard, to allow the device to be used in most countries without any issues. We also hold AU adapters in stock but they do not come as standard. If you require AU adapter, then please make us aware at the time of purchase. 

Why are we called CELLER8? 

CELLER8 is a play on words between ‘cells and accelerate’. The 8 in the logo has no reference to an ‘eight’ as a number, as some customers have confused this in the past for the number of coils in the mat or the intensity of the device. Our full body mat has 12 coils and the maximum intensity is 100 Gauss.


The reason we wanted our brand name to represent the words ‘cells’ and ‘accelerate’ is down to the fact that PEMF’s affect our bodies at a cellular level and PEMF’s have been used in the past to accelerate recovery time and the natural healing ability of the body.

Does CELLER8 produce any ‘dirty electricity’ during a PEMF session? 

The debate about dirty electricity within some poorly made PEMF mats, are still slightly inconclusive, however we have also covered this with CELLER8®, just in case research prevails. The way we have achieved this, is by ensuring the power for each pulse delivered to the coils inside the mat, always comes from the internal battery and never from the wall plug. This ensures no “dirty electricity” or possible surges from the wall outlet, can affect our precisely produced PEMFs, reducing any interference during a PEMF session with CELLER8®. The wall plug is only essentially used to charge the internal battery and even when plugged in and in use, the power for a PEMF session, always comes from the internal battery as the primary source and never the 60Hz mains.


CELLER8 specifications


1 – 100 Gauss (100 - 10,000 µT)


1 – 100 Hz



Number of programs: 


Program length:

5 mins – 12 hours

Number of coils: 



North & South


CELLER8 unique square wave


14cm x 14cm x 3.2cm


250 grams

How often do I need to use the CELLER8?

We recommend for the perfect recipe for health and wellness to use the CELLER8 (full body mat if possible) twice per day for the recommended 20 minutes per session. One session in the ‘morning‘ and one session in the ‘evening’ on those program names. You do also have the ability to shorten or lengthen the preset programs and sessions where required if you have more or less time to enjoy some PEMFs.


There are bonus sessions including ‘night’, where you can just use the CELLER8 controller by your pillow to encourage deep and restful slumber and a ‘meditation’ setting, to help find your inner zen whilst also benefitting from the healing benefits of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Is the CELLER8 device FDA cleared? 

PEMF’s in general are recognised by the FDA but, the CELLER8 device does not need FDA clearance as a lot of PEMF devices are not registered medical devices, which do not require registration with the FDA. This doesn’t mean the CELLER8 device has not been tested for its safe use. It is still registered as an electronic device to be used in homecare and therefore it has CE/ UKCA certifications. The CELLER8 took over 6 years in development and a lot of this time was taken testing the device with many different regulating bodies to make sure it is safe and all care was taken to make it possibly the best PEMF device on the market. 

How long is the battery life/ does it take to charge?

Table Example
With a full battery at 21 °c  Celler8 controller and mat  Celler8 controller

Morning program

100% intensity

100 minutes 420 minutes

Night program

20% intensity

36 hours 44 hours

Complete battery charging time

< 5 hours < 5 hours

What’s the expected life of the CELLER8 controller? 

The expected life of the controller, we hope will be a lifetime if looked after. There are no deteriorating parts or serviceable parts, therefore look after it and it will look after you. On the full body mat, the expected life should be anything up to 5 - 10 years. We have done a lot of testing on the mat and on the copper inside and so far, we haven’t managed to break it. But due to the wacky things some customers do to their mats when it comes to folding it up wrong or trying to roll them or sitting on them on a super soft surface, we have been cautious with the warranty for the time being. We hope to extend the warranty on the mats after the device has been in the market longer. Both the mat and controller come in their own carry bag for extra protection when traveling and safe storage.  

My CELLER8 device makes a ticking noise. Is that normal? 

Yes, this is absolutely normal! This is the same for most PEMF devices that offer higher intensities. Some people prefer that a PEMF device makes a noise, so they know it is working or within a session still. There are a few suggestions if this noise becomes disturbing to your session. Using the full body mat alone will make the ticking noise almost inaudible. So, when you don’t need to use the CELLER8 controller as part of a session, then this will reduce the ticking noise down. When using the CELLER8 controller, you can reduce the ticking by simply reducing the intensity. Reducing it down to 50% in an area with some noise in the background will make it less noticeable. Reducing down to 20% or 10% in a very quiet area will made the controller inaudible to most people. Remember the CELLER8 offers much higher intensities than a lot of other PEMF devices, so if the noise is distracting to a session, then don’t be afraid to reduce the intensity, if desired. Lastly, this ticking sounds louder in most of our user videos than it is in real life due to the sensitive audio equipment used.

The test magnet doesn’t move much on the CELLER8? 

This is also absolutely normal and doesn’t mean your CELLER8 controller is faulty. The reason for this is that although the controller is double the strength, the coil inside is very different to the coils in the mat and the magnetic field is much more targeted in a smaller spot. The coils in the mat are large and wide and they give a really wide magnetic field which is perfect for moving the magnet and treating the body. The coil in the controller is tested to 100 guass but it is much smaller and thinner but uses more power from the battery and therefore gives a more focussed energy but annoyingly it doesn’t make the magnet react as the mat does. Rest assured however, the controller is still double the strength of the mat and this is very normal. 

Why does CELLER8 offer 1-100 gauss intensity? 

This intensity range was not plucked out of the air and there is some evidence to suggest these are the optimal intensities when using PEMFs. One key evaluation was conducted by Mahsa Mansourian and Ahmad Shanei in 2021, which was a review of 92 publications between the years 1999 and 2019. These publications were all studying the cell responses and exchanges in humans and animals when applying PEMFs. They concluded that out of all of these studies the flux densities between 1 and 10 mT (10-100gauss), and chronic exposure more than 10 days would be more effective in establishing a cellular response. These 92 previous studies used a large range of intensities and concluded that the range of which the CELLER8 operates within get the best response from the cells. *M. Mansourian, A. Shanei, Evaluation of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Effects: A Systematic Review, two decades of research, 2021.

Does CELLER8 use Bluetooth? 

No! Any additional applicators are connected via a single wire as Bluetooth technology uses very high frequency EMF’s and this could be counterproductive to the low frequency and much more natural PEMF’s intended to be delivered by PEMF technology.

Mat FAQs

Full body mat specifications


1 – 50 Gauss Per Coil (1 - 5,000 µT) (600 Gauss when accumulating all 12 coils)


1 – 100 Hz


Full body

Number of programs: 


Program length:

5 mins – 12 hours

Number of coils: 



North & South


CELLER8 unique square wave

Mat Size:

169cm x 49cm x 2.2cm

Mat Size Folded:

42cm x 49cm x 10cm


3500 grams

What is the length, width, depth and weight of the mats?

Table Example
Product Length (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm)  Weight (kg)
CELLER8  14  14  3.2 0.24 
Full Body Mat 169 49 2.2  3.4 
Travel Mat  Available soon Available soon Available soon Available soon
Mini Mat  Available soon Available soon Available soon Available soon

Why does the CELLER8 mat only offer PEMF therapy and other mats offer up to 5 different therapies, including PEMF?

Ever heard the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”? well that applies just as much here as it does to fine-tuned and multi-skilled workers. We are aware of other devices on the market that offer multi therapy options in one device and our opinion will always remain the same and to avoid these devices at all costs. Looking at the PEMF element in these devices, they have been added as a box ticking activity and to say that they offer PEMFs, but to a much lower standard than the CELLER8 mats will offer. Always ask them for the intensities of the PEMFs and for their technical information before buying. We know of one of these multi therapy mats that uses an intensity of 0.0008 gauss. When you consider 0.5 gauss comes from the earth naturally, these mats offer very little benefit when it comes to PEMFs.


The CELLER8 was designed with many years’ experience in the PEMF industry and that one therapy has a multitude of benefits, if done precisely. The cost of the copper alone in these mats to create the intensities it offers far exceeds the entire cost of these other multi therapy mats in a lot of cases. There is also an argument to consider the high frequencies used in technologies such as infrared compared to the very essence of the low frequencies that are closer to nature used in PEMF. Are these therapies not just counteracting each other and creating a bit of confusion within each session. Our advice is, stick to one therapy which you know has been done to a very high standard with lots of evidence using each technology alone. 

I think the full body mat will be to small for me?

We encourage our customers to not be too worried about the actual mat covering your arms, full width or length if you are larger than the dimensions of the mat. It’s a common question we get. Because our mat has 12 large copper coils inside, spaced around each section and each coil is 50 gauss in strength. This means you get a magnetic field range of at least 2 meters in any direction and an accumulated strength of 600 gauss from the mat. The mat was strategically made this width and length, so that it can be used on armchairs and sofas or small beds and we didn’t want to limit its portability by making it too big. 

Red Light FAQs

Why does the CELLER8® red light offer different frequencies in Hz? What is the effect of the different frequencies?

The CELLER8® red light panels offer 10/40/73/146/293/587 Hz frequencies as well as a constant mode (which is most commonly used). The reason these panels offer different frequencies is the same as with PEMFs. If we expose our bodies to the same frequency every time we use it there is a possibility the body will become accustomed to it and it may be less effective. It is recommended to change the frequency from time to time to keep the sessions new and less familiar in order to inhibit the best and most effective results. 

What does EMF emission mean?

EMF emission concerns the safe levels of EMF (high frequency electromagnetic fields). These EMFs are not the good ones and the ones we want to prevent our bodies from being exposed to due to the safe exposure limits set out by electronic certification bodies. So, the reading on the specifications for the red light panels is basically telling a user, at 3 inches away from the panel there are minimal and safe levels of EMF and therefore completely safe and recommended to use from this distance. 

Can you lie on the red light panel? 

Not recommended no. It is advised to keep the panel on the stand and above the user. If the user wants to expose both sides, they can easily just turn over half way through a session. 

Is there a minimum/ maximum distance we have to keep from the red light?

Yes, the user should be at least 3 inches away from the panel and an ideal session the user would be 4-8 inches to maximise the benefits. The electronic stand can easily be lowered to the right level automatically and the controller has memory settings so, you don’t have to adjust it each time. This saves time and effort as the red light will lower to the desired set height each time. 

Does the light dimmer affect the session?

Yes, the brighter the light is set to the more effective a session. We advise users build up to the 100% setting over a number of initial uses and to start at the 20% to make sure your individual skin type can accept the higher brightness settings over time. 

What is the significance of the beam angle?

This is just showing you that each LED will overlap the next one, therefore making the session more effective. If the angle was only 10 degrees for example, it would target less surface area of the body. This again increases and maximises the benefits of each session. 

Are the different wavelengths fixed at different parts of the panel? 630+660+810+830+850nm 

Yes these are all set within the panel and cannot be moved but they are equally spread across it. The 630 + 660nm are the visible red light and the 810+830+850nm are the invisible near infrared light. You have the ability to select the red only, the near only or both together, which is most common. 

Can I buy from outside the UK and get worldwide delivery?

Yes, we ship these worldwide (some countries may still be excluded), however please note that outside the UK you will not pay any UK tax at the time of purchase, therefore you will pay the importing tax at arrival of your own country. These importing fees and taxes are your responsibility but this is usually a very easy process and your local customs agents will contact you directly on the details we provide on the order to clear any outstanding fees associated with the import. 

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