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CELLER8 full body PEMF device and controller grey side

Relax, recover, accelerate

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    Enhance Wellbeing & Recovery

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    Increase Energy & Boost Mood

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The full body package is the ultimate all-in-one PEMF solution, catering to both full-body and localized applications. It provides high intensities through its 12 copper coils within the mat and an additional large coil in the controller. The lightweight mat conveniently folds into a compact bag, allowing easy transport and usage on-the-go. No plugs nearby? No problem, the rechargeable battery in the controller powers the mat. The device offers pre-set modes for recovery, meditation, and night functions, while also permitting personalized adjustments within a frequency range of 1-100Hz.

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3 year warranty on CELLER8,

1 year on mats

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1 x Full Body Mat

1 x Controller Bag

1 x Full body mat bag

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Elasticated Strap (100 cm)

1 x Quick Start Guide


1 – 100 Gauss (100 - 10,000 µT)


1 – 100 Hz




Rechargeable battery or mains power

Number of programs: 


Program length:

5 mins – 12 hours

Number of coils: 



N & S


CELLER8 unique square wave


14cm x 14cm x 3.2cm


0.24 kg


1 – 50 Gauss (100 - 5,000 µT)


1 – 100 Hz


Full body


CELLER8 or mains power

Number of coils: 


Mat Size:

169cm x 49cm x 2.2cm

Mat Size Folded:

42cm x 49cm x 10cm


3.4 Kg

  • Morning (12-30Hz)

    Designed for use in the morning or throughout the day for alertness, concentration, focus, and recovery. This program uses frequencies specifically for application earlier in the day. Watch video.

  • Evening (8-10Hz)

    Designed for relaxation, recovery and repair. The program runs 8Hz & 10Hz alternating every minute. Watch video.

  • Night (1-4Hz)

    Designed to be used at bedtime. This mode can be set up for up to 12 hours, simply place the CELLER8 on a bedside table or on top of the bed during sleep. Watch video.

  • Meditation (4-8Hz)

    Designed to help find a very deep state of mind similar of that to meditation, The CELLER8 full-body mat can be used like a yoga mat. Watch video.

  • Custom (1-100Hz)

    The option to choose your own frequency from 1 – 100 Hz. This program will only run this chosen frequency for the duration of time/ intensity you select. Watch video.


Orders will be shipped within 3 business days. We do everything we can to get orders out as quickly as possible and on a 24-hour courier, but once shipped, please allow 1-5 business days for delivery. International customers are responsible for all import duties and local taxes. A signature may be required for delivery. Shipping fees are non-refundable and we do not cover shipping fees when returning goods to us.”


The CELLER8 comes with a 3 year warranty and the full body mat has a 1 year warranty. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects within your warranty period but does not cover misuse, damage or anything that is seen as outside of general wear and tear of the life of the product. Return postage to our UK address for warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer however, we will cover the cost to send the device back to the customers original address for successful warranty claims. Any import/ export fees/ taxes outside the UK are solely the responsivity of the customer.


The 30 day return policy is simple and we will help you every step of the way. We are so confident in the devices we offer and their abilities to help, but if for any reason you need to return to us, we will take away any stress to do this. All you need to do is notify us in writing within your 30 days and from the day you received the product. You can do this simply by emailing us at We will then suggest ways you can send the device back to us safely at our UK address, or organise this for you and deduct the shipping fee from your return if you prefer. Once we have received the device, we will inspect it and refund you 100% providing the device is working and in perfect condition as it was received. Please see our full terms and conditions listed on this website for more detailed information on returns.

Duo laying on CELLER8 Full Body mats

Take your first step towards complete wellness

How does it work?

When you expose the body to pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) they interact with your body's natural processes. By unstacking blood cells PEMF improves circulation, PEMF facilitates the efficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen to cells, promoting overall vitality. These electromagnetic pulses act as a catalyst for cellular stimulation, optimizing cellular functions, maintenance as well as increasing energy potential for ATP production. Through this process, PEMF contributes to the enhancement of overall well-being by supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms and promoting cellular health.

Benefits of

PEMF Therapy

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

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    Pain Relief 

    Heal the source of pain and start living pain free 

  • Relaxation icon

    Total Relaxation

    Enter a deeper state of mind

  • Pulsing circle icon

    Reduce Inflammation

    Naturally reduce inflammation


  • Battery icon

    Improve Energy Levels

    Recharge your internal batteries at a cellular level

  • Sleep icon

    Improve Sleep

    Fall asleep faster and unlock deep sleep

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    Health & Wellness

    Improve your overall health and wellness

  • Cross icon

    Eliminate pain 

    Move freely and improve quality of life.

  • Sleep icon

    Enhances sleep

    Unlock deep and serene nights.

  • Accelerate icon

    Accelerate performance 

    Recharge your internal batteries at a cellular level.

  • Mediation icon

    Easier mediation

    Easier access to a mediative state, anytime.

  • Relaxation icon

    Unlock deep relaxation

    Encourage brain frequencies for ultimate recovery.

  • Heart icon

    Wellness & Health

    Maintain and accelerate your overall health and wellness.

How to use CELLER8

Shoulder pain

1. Identify an affected area - this is the area you want to apply PEMFs to.

CELLER8 full body package on grass

2. Choose application - target a specific area with the controller and/or get a full body session. 

Selecting program on CELLER8

3. Select program - choose one of the CELLER8 programs that suits your needs or time of day. 

CELLER8 on arm

4. Enjoy your session - anywhere, anytime, as CELLER8 seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle

CELLER8 Effect On Cells

Below is a real-life example of the effect CELLER8 had on blood cells after just one session. In the before image, we see an image of a healthy man in his 60s before any PEMF treatment. You can observe some clumping and non-roundness in some cells, which will be amplified significantly further in someone with chronic illness. In the after image, we see the same person's blood; the cells are no longer clumped together. Additionally, the cells exhibit a very healthy balance of positive and negative ions around them, as evidenced by the rounded shape of the cells.

Blood before PEMF
Before CELLER8
Blood after PEMF

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Send us your question by filling out a form on our contact us page.

How often do I need to use the CELLER8? 

We recommend for the perfect recipe for health and wellness to use the CELLER8 twice per day for the recommended 20 minutes per session. 

One session in the 'morning' and one session in the ‘evening’ on those program names. 

How long is the battery life/ does it take to charge?

The CELLER8 will take around 5 hours to charge full from flat. 

The battery on the CELLER8 will vary depending on what program you use and if you use controller alone or the controller and mat. It can last from 100 minutes to 44 hours.

What’s the expected life of the CELLER8 controller? 

The expected life of the controller, we hope will be a lifetime if looked after. There are no deteriorating parts or serviceable parts, therefore look after it and it will look after you. On the full body mat, the expected life should be anything up to 5 - 10 years. 

How are the mats powered and controlled?  

Simply by the CELLER8, it doesn't only act as an localised applicator; it can also serve as the power supply for the mats and control what is emitted from the mat.

Why does CELLER8 offer 1-100 gauss intensity? 

This intensity range was not plucked out of the air and there is some evidence to suggest these are the optimal intensities when using PEMFs. One key evaluation was conducted by Mahsa Mansourian and Ahmad Shanei in 2021, which was a review of 92 publications between the years 1999 and 2019. These publications were all studying the cell responses and exchanges in humans and animals when applying PEMFs. They concluded that out of all of these studies the flux densities between 1 and 10 mT (10-100gauss), and chronic exposure more than 10 days would be more effective in establishing a cellular response. Click here to read the study.

Are the mats portable?

CELLER8 mats are designed for use anywhere, anytime. They can be placed on a sofa, chair, floor, bed, or any convenient location. Plus, they can be powered by the controller, eliminating the need to be near a plug socket.

What plug head comes with CELLER8?

As a standard, your CELLER8 product comes with plug heads for the UK, US, and EU. However, upon request or if we identify that you reside in an applicable country, we will include an AU plug head. Changing these plug heads is a simple process, and for guidance, please refer to our YouTube channel for a tutorial.

I think the full body mat will be to small for me?

We encourage our customers to not be too worried about the actual mat covering your arms, full width or length if you are larger than the dimensions of the mat. It’s a common question we get. Because our mat has 12 large copper coils inside, spaced around each section and each coil is 50 gauss in strength. This means you get a magnetic field range of at least 2 meters in any direction and an accumulated strength of 600 gauss from the mat. The mat was strategically made this width and length, so that it can be used on armchairs and sofas or small beds and we didn’t want to limit its portability by making it too big. 

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We have eliminated the confusion of using PEMF devices by pre-setting CELLER8 with four easy-to-use and set-up programs that cover all situations. We have also incorporated a custom program to still give you full control of your session. With a strength of 100 gauss, the CELLER8 controller is powerful, yet maintains a lightweight and portable design, allowing it to be conveniently carried or worn and used anywhere, anytime!