What is PEMF

Put simply PEMF therapy is a form of magnetic therapy using electromagnetic fields generated by copper coils. There are over 7000 clinical trials using PEMF therapy and although it has many applications it is most widely used for pain management, improving sleep and relaxation, however isn't condition specific. 

How does PEMF work?

There is so much information available about how PEMF therapy works and we can get really scientific here, but to put it simply, by putting a small current through a copper coil, a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is created. These are different to static magnets as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields are able to pass through the body. 

What does PEMF do?

PEMF therapy devices are used for many reasons, the most common being pain management, recovery and as a tool to help you get a good night’s sleep. The possibilities are endless with PEMFs! 

What can PEMFs help with? 

PEMF therapy can help with many aspects of health and wellbeing. PEMFs can accelerate cell rejuvenation, help with recovery after injury or exercise and help you to relax to encourage a deep sleep!  

Are there any people who shouldn’t use PEMF?

Yes, people with pace makers are not able to use Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. For any specific concerns get in touch with us. 

Is PEMF safe?

Of course, that’s why we sell it, and why it took us 6 years of design and testing to prove its safety. 

Localised device vs full body?

The CELLER8® can be used on its own or with the full body mat. We recommend using them both at the same time to get the maximum benefits, however we appreciate people lead busy lives, so you can use the CELLER8® on it’s own on an area of the body when you are on the go. 

Is PEMF worth it?

PEMF therapy devices are an investment in your health. If health is at the top of your priority list, then hell yeah, its worth it! 

Is PEMF effective?

Yes, we think so, and so do many other PEMF users. We have years of experience with PEMFs and many PEMF success stories we can share with you. 

Do PEMFs effect brain function? 

Absolutely, PEMFs are used to influence brain function and specifically, the CELLER8 programs are designed around the brain frequencies in the programs. The ‘Morning’ program uses BETA (12-30Hz) frequencies, to give us energy and encourage the brain to work at optimum frequencies for the early part of the day or for focus. The ‘Evening’ program uses ALPHA (8-10Hz) frequencies and allows us to relax and recover at the later part of the day and the ‘Night’ program uses DELTA (0-4Hz) frequencies. In ‘Night’ mode we recommend using the CELLER8 without the full body mat and just placing it close to you head, by the pillow or on the bedside table for example to encourage the brain to stay in the DELTA frequencies throughout sleep. As a bonus program the ‘Meditation’ mode runs frequencies within the THETA (4-8Hz) to assist us to really fall into a mediative state of mind. 

Brain wave diagram