CELLER8 User Guide

Learn how to effectively use CELLER8 with our easy-to-follow guide. Discover setup tips, recommended usage times, and best practices to maximize the benefits of PEMF therapy for pain relief, improved sleep, and overall wellness.


Step 1

Choose application - target a specific area with the CELLER8 and/or get a full body session. 

Step 2

Select a program - choose one of the CELLER8 programs that suits your needs or time of day. 

Step 3

Enjoy your session - anywhere, anytime, as CELLER8 seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle

Choosing Application



The CELLER8 is your localised applicator, controller and power source all in 1. Every CELLER8 comes with a 100cm elasticated strap, allowing for effortless application of CELLER8 to any part of the body part. 


The CELLER8 can be used alone or at the same time as one of our mats ether being powered by the mains or CELLER8. Our top choice is to use the full body mat alongside the CELLER8. However if you are using CELLER8 at bedtime on the Night mode then the CELLER8 alone within 2 meters of the head is all you need!



When it comes to mats, our premier choice is the full body mat, as this allows for a more complete PEMF session. Unlike with the CELLER8 alone, all the cells in your body will be evenly treated with PEMF. However, if you are looking for maximum portability and usability anywhere, our travel mat is the perfect middle ground. The mini mat is perfect if you are looking to treat your furry friends with PEMF.


No matter which one of our mats you have, they can all be plugged into the CELLER8!

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Selecting A Program

Designed for specific times of the day and utilizing optimal frequencies for each time period, our programs eliminate the confusion of selecting variables. Our programs offer flexibility, allowing you to set durations from 5 minutes to 12 hours, intensities from 1 to 100%, and frequencies ranging from 1 to 100 Hz.

Morning Program

The ‘Morning’ program uses BETA (12-30Hz) frequencies. It will start at 12Hz and increase frequency over time in 1Hz increments until it reaches 30Hz. At 30Hz it will drop down to 12Hz again and the process starts again for the duration of the time set by the user. This program is designed to be used before 12 noon and harnesses higher frequencies in order to maintain alertness.


Many PEMF studies have been completed using a range of these frequencies with such beneficial results on the symptoms of chronic conditions. So rather than limiting the user to one frequency at a time, we are harnessing the benefits of many different frequencies during this program.

Evening Program

The ‘Evening’ program uses ALPHA (8/10Hz) frequencies and allows us to relax and recover at the later part of the day. This program completes one minute of 8Hz, which is closest to the earth’s natural Schumann resonance frequency and then one minute of 10Hz. It will repeat this process every two minutes for the duration of the session.


The 10Hz frequency has also featured in many scientific studies with PEMFs to show huge benefits. NASA also used the 10Hz frequency in a study to promote stem cells for tissue and cell regeneration. The study showing about 400% increase in neural stem cells and turned on about 160 genes that control growth and regeneration. As well as this a German research study also showed that 10Hz is beneficial for stabilising circadian rhythm, assisting in better sleep patterns and negating sleep disturbances.

Night Program

The ‘Night’ program uses DELTA (1-4Hz) frequencies the CELLER8 will run 4Hz done to 1Hz with 5-minute intervals. It will repeat this process for as long as you have set the device to run. This mode is pre-set to run for 2 hours (you can set it for longer if you prefer), as this is the perfect time to initiate sleep as well as regulate the DELTA frequencies, assisting us to get the restorative sleep we all deserve.


In ‘Night’ mode, the frequencies are associated with the slowest neurological frequencies and deepest states of relaxation. In deep sleep we do not dream and the mind can really rest, entering the most restorative phases of sleep. 

Meditation Program

The ‘Meditation’ mode runs frequencies within the THETA (4-8Hz). The mode will run 8Hz down to 4Hz and then back up to 8Hz again over a period of time. This will continue for the duration of the program length selected, for the user’s ultimate meditation session.


The ‘Meditation’ is there to assist us to really fall into a mediative state of mind. We can experience semi consciousness in really deep meditation and we can use the benefits of PEMF’s to help us get there through THETA frequencies.

Custom Program

The ‘Custom’ mode gives you complete control on what frequency, intensity and duration you can use! You can select any frequency within the range of 0-100 Hz, any intensity within the range of 1-100 gauss on the controller or 1-50 gauss on the mats and adjust the time from 5 minutes to 12 hours.


This mode was only added for those users who want to be very specific with what frequency they want to use and puts you in control. Maybe the user has seen a specific study that was conducted and wants to replicate that study. However, I still believe that the body deserves more than one frequency and to avoid the possibility of your body being accustomed to the same frequency session every time, I recommend that almost every user sticks to the pre-set modes for all desired outcomes.

The Creators Guide...

"As the creator and founder of CELLER8, I want to make sure everyone who uses CELLER8 get the most out of there device! This is why I have created my own personal guide to what intensities and frequencies to use, how to apply, when to apply and for how long"


Andy Smith - CELLER8 Founder

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Video Tutorials

We have created some video tutorials to help you when using CELLER8. These can also be found on the CELLER8 YouTube channel. If you still have any questions about CELLER8 and how it works, feel free to contact us here.



How to charge your CELLER8



How to plug your mat in



Gauss to %



How to change plug head



How to extend/ remove strap



How to test if CELLER8 is working


CELLER8 User Manual + Quick Start Guide

Each CELLER8 device and CELLER8 package will come with a user manual and quick start guide in the language of your country, if available. Using the buttons below, you can find user manuals and quick start guides in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.

User Manuals
Quick Start Guides

How often do I need to use the CELLER8?

We recommend for the perfect recipe for health and wellness to use the CELLER8 (full body mat if possible) twice per day for the recommended 20 minutes per session. One session in the ‘morning‘ and one session in the ‘evening’ on those program names. You do also have the ability to shorten or lengthen the preset programs and sessions where required if you have more or less time to enjoy some PEMFs.


There are bonus sessions including ‘night’, where you can just use the CELLER8 controller by your pillow to encourage deep and restful slumber and a ‘meditation’ setting, to help find your inner zen whilst also benefitting from the healing benefits of low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Can I reduce the intensity of the PEMF’s if I am sensitive? 

You can reduce the intensity of the mat and controller but at the same percentage. So, if you set it to 50% intensity the controller will be 50 gauss and the mat will be 25 gauss. You can reduce both down to a minimum of 2 gauss on the controller and 1 gauss on the mat for anyone who is sensitive to PEMFs. We always recommended that users start low and slow when first starting PEMF sessions, just to allow you to adjust to all the added benefits.  

Controller intensity % to gauss table

Mat gauss Table Example
Controller (%)  Gauss
 100  100
 90  90
 80 80
 70 70 
 60  60
 50  50
 40  40
 30  30
 20  20
 10  10
 8  8
 6  6
 4  4
 2  2

Mat intensity % to gauss table

Mat gauss Table Example
Mat  (%)  Gauss
 100  50
 90  45
 80 40
 70 35 
 60  30
 50  25
 40  20
 30  15
 20  10
 10  5
 8  4
 6  3
 4  2
 2  1

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