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After 6 years of development, we have created the first PEMF device that will check all your boxes. The CELLER8 is user-friendly, lightweight, portable, and, most importantly, powerful, ensuring you achieve maximum results while seamlessly integrating into your day-to-day life.

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Where it all began...

During a business trip to Australia, CELLER8's founder, Andy, started to endure severe stomach pains, leading him to seek medical care both in Australia and the UK without a conclusive diagnosis. After collapsing in A&E, emergency surgery revealed a sizable infected lump near his belly button, posing the threat of sepsis. Despite surgical removal, the infection persisted, causing concern for him.


Recalling a company from Germany providing PEMF devices, Andy obtained a PEMF mat. Using the mat twice a day for 20 minutes resulted in astonishing improvements, allowing him to discontinue pain medication, heal the infection, and improve surgical scars. This transformative experience inspired him to introduce PEMF devices in the UK through NewMed Ltd.

How CELLER8 began...

After nearly a decade of selling PEMF devices through NewMed, Andy gained extensive experience in the PEMF industry. During this time, he observed that there wasn't a device that truly checked all the boxes. This inspiration led him to create CELLER8, bringing together the best aspects of existing PEMF devices to achieve an all-in-one solution.


After six years of development, CELLER8 was born, and we are proud to say we have achieved everything we set out to do! But we didn't stop there, we are continually innovating and striving to make CELLER8 even better.

Meet The Team

"As the CEO and co-founder of CELLER8, I drew on over a decade of experience in PEMF therapy to create our innovative device to revolutionise personal health. I am passionate about our work and the impact it has on enhancing wellness, ensuring that our customers have access to the best in PEMF therapy." - Andy, CEO & Co-founder


"As the Brand Manager and Co-Founder, I am proud to lead a dedicated team that has crafted a standout brand in the PEMF industry. Together, we have combined innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to wellness, creating products that set new standards in the field. I am very proud of the CELLER8 brand that we have created" - Jade, Co-founder & Brand Manager

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We have participated in numerous exhibitions and shows worldwide, including in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Dubai, and Germany. At these biohacking events and health summits, we have appeared at some of the largest events dedicated to advanced health technologies and nutrition, and we have many more exciting events planned for the future.

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