CELLER8 on bedside table

How 94% of PEMF Users Transformed Their Sleep With PEMF

7th November 2023

While we all know the importance of sleep, it's worth noting that one-third of adults get less than 7 hours of sleep per night, achieving a consistent 7-9 hours of sleep can be a challenging objective for many. This can be attributed to a wide range of factors, including stress, anxiety, difficulties falling asleep, excessive screen time, demanding work hours, underlying medical conditions, and the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, to name just a few.

Falling short of a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night can lead to detrimental health outcomes. Poor sleep can contribute to a variety of adverse health consequences, such as disruptions in hunger-regulating hormones, which can lead to overeating, along with elevated blood pressure, an increased risk of heart diseases and stroke, and a weakened immune system.

Now that we understand the factors affecting our sleep and the consequences of sleep deprivation, you might be wondering what solutions are available. Many people around the world turn to PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) therapy as a nightly regimen to improve their sleep. This is achieved through a PEMF device emitting frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 4 Hz, which in turn changes brain wave states.

Delta waves

A 4-week double-blind study conducted by the University der Bundeswehr München in Germany involved 100 patients who were randomly assigned either a functioning PEMF device or a placebo device. Among those who had the working device, 70% reported experiencing substantial or complete relief of their complaints, 24% noted clear improvement, and 6% reported slight improvement. In total, 94% of the 50 individuals using the active device reported clear improvements in their sleep.

Keeping this in mind, the design of CELLER8 had a strong emphasis on addressing sleep-related issues. One way this was achieved was by incorporating a night program in CELLER8, which runs frequencies ranging from 1-4 Hz—known to be ideal for sleep. Additionally, it can operate for up to 12 hours, ensuring comprehensive sleep support.

How do we recommend you use CELLER8 for sleep? We recommend placing CELLER8 near your head. This can be achieved by positioning CELLER8 on a bedside table, thanks to its generous coverage range. After you've decided where to position the device, setting it up is a quick and straightforward process. Simply choose your desired application, with our recommendation being to use just the controller, and then select the Night program. Following that, you have the option to adjust the time and intensity of the magnetic field. However, we suggest sticking to a 20% intensity and a 2-hour duration. Then, simply click 'start.' This entire process can be completed in under 10 seconds, making it exceptionally easy to integrate into your night-time routine.

Following our steps you could be like CELLER8 user Rob “Been using the CELLER8 each day…found it really useful before bed….feel like it gets me ready for sleep even more than normal.”


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